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I am Archer North. Welcome to my performance appraisal blog. I am a graduate of the University of Queensland, wherein I studied psychology, endured statistics, and failed Fortran. Following that shock, I joined the HR department of BHP Billiton in 1982. There I wrote early human resources software on a Wang dynasty computer. Despite my early trouble with Fortran, I liked coding. In my spare time, I toyed with coding, teaching my Amstrad tape-drive computer to play reasonable Blackjack with 49k of working memory. This was in CP/M, a pre-DOS OS from the 1980s (today I code in PHP and Javascript.) In my thirties, I wrote reports for public and private organizations in Australia, Asia and the Middle East. I was funded by seventy of them, mostly corporations and government entities, but also some individuals, to explore best practices in performance appraisal and report back. The paper I wrote in 1994 set the course of my life. Several years on, I published the first Archer North Performance Appraisal System (ANPAS) at I've worked on performance appraisal systems for twenty-five years, but it's not as bad as it sounds. The job that stands out in my mind is Abu Dhabi, where I was involved in developing national evaluation standards for the Government of the United Arab Emirates. Then my interests meshed and I found myself working in the space between software and psychology, where minds and machines meet, and where the task of our age will like conceive. My past customers include Air Liquide, Biotrove (USA), City of East Chicago, Directorate General of Projects and Maintenance (Oman), Display Pack (USA), Encyclopedia Britannica, Ethiopian Airlines, the Institute of Microelectronics (Singapore), Julius Blum (USA), Ministry of Education and Youth (UAE), Princeton University, the University of Canterbury (NZ), and Velankani Information Systems.

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