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I'm Archer North. That's me in the picture, twenty years ago (sigh). I was made by the University of Queensland, wherein I studied psychology, suffered statistics and failed Fortran. Following that shock, I joined the HR department of BHP Billiton in 1982. There, on a Wang dynasty computer, I wrote early human resources software. Despite my troubles with Fortran, I liked coding. In my spare time, I toyed with #AI, teaching my Amstrad tape-drive computer to play intelligent Blackjack with 49k(!) of working memory. This was in CP/M, a pre-DOS #OS. In my thirties, I wrote reports for public and private organizations in Australia, Asia and the Middle East. I was funded by seventy or so of them, mostly corporations and government entities, but also some individuals, to explore best practices in performance appraisal and report back. That paper in 1994 set the course of my life. Several years later (see picture), I published the first Archer North Performance Appraisal System (ANPAS) at I've designed performance appraisal systems for twenty-five years, but it's not as bad as it sounds. The job that stands out in my mind is Abu Dhabi, where I was involved in developing national evaluation standards for the United Arab Emirates and staying at the Crowne Abu Dhabu #ilike. Then my interests meshed and I found myself working in the space between psychology and software, where minds and machines meet and where the task of our age will like conceive. My proposal is ANPAS. I'm a fan of Maslow, Milgram, Nash, Skinner, Aron, NASA, Christ, Watson, Tucker, Twain, Rousseau, and Wales. Past clients include Air Liquide, AWA Media, Biotrove (USA), City of East Chicago, Directorate General of Projects and Maintenance (Oman), Display Pack (USA), Encyclopedia Britannica (oddly enough, Japan), Ethiopian Airlines, the Institute of Microelectronics (Singapore), Julius Blum (USA), Ministry of Education and Youth (UAE), Princeton University, Toshiba Information Equipment, the University of Canterbury (NZ), Velankani Information Systems, and others. I live in Australia. [January, 2016]    @Archer_North  Update We are moving to the slower fastness of New Zealand. I will continue from there. [17 July, 2016] New Zealand will have to wait. I recklessly announced a working beta of ANPAS Prosocial by first of next month. [September 15, 2016]  #fail The launch went bad! My fault. A piece of untested code crept into the mix. No biggy. But I am running deeper tests before I risk another public launch. Still in Oz. NZ plans on hold. [3 October 2016]  ANPAS beta is live from 2 November 2016. [8 November 2016] A robot with a heart of gold is splendid to behold. [23/12/2016] Technical difficulties, I hope now resolved. On the plus side, I learned about Cloudflare. [December 14, 2016]  Seemed to slow me down, not speed me up. Cloudflare off again (for now). I am working on security issues. I need coding monkeys. [January 31, 2017] Still in Oz. A tricky little bug tried to outwit me today. I slew it dead. I am Archer North, bug slayer. [February 17, 2017]  A.N.

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